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Preparation Room Connect With Spray Booth

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Preparation Room Connect With Spray Booth


Paint spray booths provide the ideal environment to paint cars, workpieces, aircrafts, boats and so on...The paint spray booths regulate humidity, temperature, airflow, and pressure for proper coating application and curing. The booths are categorized by three different designs, which are: air pressure, cabin, or airflow.

We also design preparation room connect with spray booth proposal for our customers. They can putty and polishing the surface of painting things in preparation room, and then go through to spray booth for painting and baking. It will be complete with rails to move.

More then 20 years of experience in the instrumentation and controls industry, our team would be happy to assist your with your next paint booth application design.

If you have any questions, Guangli Applications Engineers are available to assist by phone at 008613925061383, or by email at [email protected]

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