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The Optional Parts of GL Auto Paint Booth

Sep 30, 2018

When most of repair shop or vehicle warehouse buy auto paint booth, they usually will choose some other parts for them paint booth.

Such as below:

1. Safety Thermostat

The safety thermostat(shown in Fig.1.10), placed in the generator group near to the heat exchanger, switches off the electric system if the air flow reaches a temperature superior to 90°C

2. Anti-vibration Joint  

The anti-vibration joint (shown in Fig.1.11), placed between the generator groups, and exhaust air unit with active charcoals and the spray booth, is necessary to isolate the vibrations produced by the motor and the fan. The joint is formed by two edges of zinced plate connected by a belt of PVC that by contorting does not transmit the vibrations to the work environment.

3. Active carbon system

The exhausting air device have active charcoals, which the air from the paint booth environment and to decrease the percentage of polluting agents. It is composed of:

Metal frame, there rock in the panel which can keep the temperature Filtration group, composed of seven layer of active charcoal which remove the solvent fumes (purification plant).

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