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Paint booth for using

Aug 04, 2022

A paint booth is a closed area inside which an operator carries out the painting process of a product. Its objective is to contain the remnants of paint, this by generating an air current that captures the particles as it passes and deposits them in a filtering system. In addition to retaining and preventing paint particles from dispersing and contaminating the environment, a booth prevents the product from being contaminated by external agents, thus achieving cleaner work.

paint booth

Paint booths are present in various designs and capacities, these depend on the type of process for which they are intended. Inside you can paint from small containers to large vehicles and furniture. Due to their scope, paint booths are present in industrial painting process applications, adhesive application, automotive and aeronautical painting, enamel and ceramic applications, sand blasting, retouching, "hobby" activities, etc. To comply with these processes, paint booths of the following types have been designed:

Vehicle spray booth

Bus paint booth

Truck spray booth

Customize spray booth

Cheap spray booth

High-end spray booth

Furniture spray booth

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