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Персонализирани кабини за пръскане на самолети

Dec 22, 2022

Фабриката Guangli произвежда надеждна кабина за боядисване на самолети , наричана Spray Systems. Ние разработихме цялостно разбиране на нюансираните нужди от ефективни кабини за пръскане на аерокосмическа боя и проекти на довършителни системи. за да можете да работите непрекъснато и имайки предвид тези разпоредби, всички проекти на кабини за боядисване трябва да бъдат изпратени своевременно, за да отговарят на критериите на регламента.

That’s why we leverage our position as industry leaders of design technology and our knowledge of safety standards to work collaboratively with you in designing the perfect aircraft paint booth for your facility. From education to installation, we ensure that there are no surprises and that your booth performs to your highest standards.

We design paint booths consistently meet and exceed the highest standards in aircraft paint booths and always goes above and beyond customer expectations in terms of customer service, support and product quality. Due to size restrictions, the custom aircraft paint booth had to accommodate a tight space while providing the most effective spray environment possible for safety and finish quality.

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